Summer 2017 Digital Issue


You may have guessed this Red and White issue of A Needle Pulling Thread is a beautiful compilation of ideas to commemorate Canada’s very special birthday. Between quilts and knit wear, there are 10 projects created in our patriotic colours, however, project ideas are eternal, once they are suggested you can modify these to suit your favourite colours and decor scheme.

2017 has been for me a year of knitting shawls, it just happened this way, and by synchronicity Cynthia MacDougall designed the Double Horseshoe Wedding Shawl for this issue. This is an appropriate culmination to her posts on KNITmuch.com where she reviewed Fibra Natura’s Flax Lace and designed the Knitted Lace Stole for the bridesmaids or mother of the bride, you can get the pattern to it in her Flax lace yarn makes this exquisite knitted lace stole perfect for weddings post.

In the same vein of exploring the Flax Lace yarn, crochet designer Ruth Forbes designed a delicately textured crocheted tank top that can so easily be dressed up or down, but it will always be very elegant. Finally, follow the journey of one artist who transformed a wedding dress bought at a thrift store into a fairy tale prom dress for her daughter Josephine.

Make & Be Happy indeed, enjoy the issue.