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Summer 2015

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Summer, summer, I love you! Summer shines on all that we do, our hearts are light and happy times roll. Our summer issue is all about making things that we can take to a day at the beach like quilts and bags. There are 5 different kinds of bags to sew, crochet, knit – you don't want to miss these! Knit up a gorgeous lacy cover up you can almost use as an evening dress. And what about an easy and quick-to-knit-up summer shell that keeps the sun shining well into the evening? Gotta make it! Every magnificent project in this issue spells out SUMMER! Also, in this issue is the big reveal of the Quilt Challenge, see these quilts and read about the 7 ways to incorporate design elements in your future quilts! Let the sun shine on!


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A Day At Beach Mug Rug
This is a super quilted postcard perfect for sending in the mail to a friend, or use it as it was intended as a mug rug for coffee and cookies! Designed by Jennifer Houlden
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Glorious Summer
This is a great reminder of a day at the beach, beautiful colors embody beautiful sunny summer days. Designed by Maria Gollek
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Traven Table Centerpiece
Perfect project to practice nizanka, a very close relative to Swedish or huck weaving. Designed by Iryna Varabei
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Cocktail Cover Up
It's easier than it looks to make this elegant beach cover up. Knitted openwork makes it quick to make. Designed by Lorna Miser
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Blue Hardanger
Add some charm to living space with this delicately colored doily. Place your favorite item on it. Designed by Kim Beamish [email protected]
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A Day At The Beach
This is the second banner celebrating the seasons. Using fibre art and special embellisments, see how to add texture to your banner. Desgined by Cheryl Stranges
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Celebrate Canada day
It's a quick pattern with appliqued maple leaves. So perfect for summer celebration! Designed by Jacqueline Grice
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Large Ndebele Sailboat Brooch
Large Ndebele Sailboat
Perfect for summer! This brooch is fully bead woven with Ndebele-inspired sails. This herringbone stitch is ideal because of the interesting weave created by how it is constructed. It is further accentuated by turning the smaller sail on its side for textural interest. Follow these directions and illustrations for a simple way of decreasing the sail. This brooch was created specially for the readers of A Needle Pulling Thread magazine. This 9-page pattern has a photo overview with Maria’s famous fully detailed step-by-step illustrations for creating the large 10-bead Short and Tall Ndebele sails. Select photos of beadweaving and decreasing the sails enhance illustrations. Then, photos show how to assemble the sailboat and add your choice of pin to the back. Designed by Maria Rypan Rypan Designs 416.247.1993
$ 10.95 Add to cart
Summer Waves Cushion Top
The second smocked pillow top pattern in the series using large smocking stitches to create waves. Designed by Judith Marquis Amberlane & Amberpetites
$ 8.99 Add to cart
Aunt Grace Antique Lace Scarf
This is quicker to make up than you can say 'crochet wrap', making it a delicate and brilliant accessory for summer weather. Designed by Irene Philp, The Yarn Store 905.853.7001
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Guatemalan Bag
A knitted bag with intarsia colorwork. Designed by Denise Powell [email protected]
$ 6.99 Add to cart
Sailboat Brooch
The second in a series of beaded brooche, cute little sailboat pins. Designed by Maria Rypan
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Anchors Away!
You can smell the salt air just looking at this beautiful rendition of a day at the beach! Perfect for a lake house or a beach house. Designed by Joanne Gatenby [email protected]
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Vamos a la Playa
Get creative! Make this bag anyway you want using denim in the awesome summer colors. Designed by Anne Dale
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Summer Sunshine Shell
It's going to be your favorite summer top, using cotton or linen yarn. The I-cord is knitted on while finishing up the garment. Designed by Ruthie Snell
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Beach-y Keen Bag
A funky and fun bag to take to the beach. Crocheted in this size it holds towels, flip flops, sunblock, your favorite book, and more! Designed by Laura Gebhardt [email protected]
$ 6.99 Add to cart
Summertime Fun Craft Bag
This nifty craft bag is the perfect size to hold your project in progress. See-through walls lets you enjoy the beauty of your work. Designed by Carla A. Canonico [email protected]
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What’s in your Shower Curtain?
You'll be amazed at how much we can do with what we already have at home. It's magical to convert a shower curtain into a bag for the swimming pool adventure! Designed by Luigina Baratto [email protected]
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Beach Blanket Beautiful
It's like a quilt, but made with a canvas backing for taking it to the beach and on picnics, and working with HSTs! Designed by Country Concessions
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Picnic Bag & Table Cloth
This isn't your typical picnic bag, it's a well thought out picnic bag that holds all the necessary items AND opens up to be a tablecloth! Designed by Donna Housley
$ 9.99 Add to cart
Roll On Summer Trips Bag
This is brilliant pattern to hold your valuables when you travel. Designed to be a sleek bag, it can also work for your needlework accessories. Designed by Nancy Devine
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