My Japanese Garden Wall Art


When quilter Heather McArthur was a girl, her family provided a short-term homestay to a Japanese high school student named Ako. Heather recalls Ako as a quiet and gracious young woman, and when Ako left, she gifted Heather with a lovely Japanese Yukata (a summer-weight kimono), which she has kept and treasured all these years. This Japanese Garden Wall Art project was inspired by the gifted Yukata. This issue’s theme provided the perfect opportunity to finally cut into the lovely floral cotton fabric. Heather uses the hexagon shape for the blocks as it reminds her of paving tiles in a Japanese garden, and the sashiko flowers float like lilies in a Koi pond. Includes instructions, photos, and flower template; also includes Heather McArthur’s article about Japanese fabrics, Quilting with Japanese Fabrics – What You Need to Know. Finished Size is approximately 28” x 18” [71 x 46cm]

Note: The size of the finished wall art will be determined by the layout of the blocks. Yours may be different from mine, depending on how you choose to lay out your finished blocks.