Kaliada Goat Embroidered Wall Art


In Belarusan culture, the goat is a sacred, magical animal believed to easily make a person successful just by its presence in one’s personal space. The folklore says, “Where the goat walks, there the rye grows. Where the goat’s horns point, there is harvest growth”. The goat is worshiped during the winter holiday season, namely the winter solstice time, when the year comes to an end and a new one begins. In the Belarusan language, this holiday is called ‘Kaliady’ from the word ‘kola’ meaning a circle. This is a fun-filled time of year when it’s customary for groups of people dressed in fancy clothes to solicit food door-to-door by singing carols, leading the magic “goat” around the master’s house for him to have a good harvest next year. The Kaliada Goat is worked using a variety of intricate embroidery stitches to highlight the beauty of the piece using canvaswork, blackwork, string art, couching stitch, Belarusan Nizanka, and beads. This is an advanced skill level.
Finished measurements design area 6½” x 8½” [16.5 x 21.5cm]
stitch count 158w x 210h stitches