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Belarus has no sea.
Still, I have something to say about the Belarusan sea. Scientists and historians say that long ago, there was a vast sea in the Polesie region in the south of the country. They call it the Herodotus Sea. It is named so after that famous Greek who made the first mention of the Belarusian Sea 2500 years ago.

The sea disappeared. Now in its place lies a country of numerous lakes, rivers, and forest swamps.
There is no sea in Belarus anymore. Though, the memory of it can be easily found in Belarusan past through its folklore in songs and tales… and in my series of Ripples-On-Water patterns. And of course, Belarusan dreams of paradise, of fabulous vacation or ultimate happy encounter are brought to life in thoughts about a sea, “to see the sea and die”.
Iryna Varabei recreates ripples using Belarusan Nizanka technique on evenweave fabric. This is an easy and beautifully reversible form of embroidery.
Includes instructions and charts
Finished Measures 10½” x 15” [27 x 38cm]