Garden Therapy Quilted Banner


Every spring Clodagh Coker, owner of The Quilt Store, can hardly wait to check out what new growth is poking out from the previously frozen ground and plan the annual trip to the local nursery to buy annuals and seedlings for a veggie garden. There’s nothing more rewarding and delicious than a fresh garden salad. Several years ago, she received a gift of a wooden sign with the saying “Gardening is Cheaper than Therapy and you can get Tomatoes”. It has been hanging in her kitchen ever since and is the inspiration for this quilted project which she discovered is equally as therapeutic. Blanket stitching around all the appliqué seemed like a daunting task at the outset, however, once she found the rhythm of the machine stitching, she found it to be very relaxing. Includes: material list with links to shopping, Garden Therapy Quilted Banner appliqué templates, instructions diagrams for constructing banner, order of stitching.

Designed by Clodagh Coker
The Quilt Store
17817 Leslie Street, Unit 40
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