Busy Growing Wall Art


Although this design may not be of grand scale, it showcases a splendid array of thirteen distinctive stitches, encompassing cross-stitch, backstitch, and half-stitch techniques, to name a few. To facilitate your stitching experience, I have thoughtfully provided more comprehensive instructions than usual, complemented by stitch diagrams.
While you might already be acquainted with certain stitches, my aim is to introduce you to a selection of fresh and exciting ones. So, indulge in the art of stitching and enjoy the journey!
skill level Intermediate
finished measurements
design area 6½” x 4¾” [16.5 x 12cm]
stitch count 90W x 67H
finished sizing (rounded up to the nearest ¼”)
11ct – 8¼”W x 6¼”H [21 x 16cm]
14ct – 6½”W x 5″H [16 x 12cm]
16ct – 5¾”W x 4¼”H [14 x 11cm]
stitches used cross-stitch, Gordian knot, colonial knots, French knots, padded satin stitch, half stitch, modified long leaf, sheaf stitch, seed stitch, Pekinese, lazy daisy stitch, Rhodes butterfly.