Blessing Embroidered Wall Art


In Belarus, embroidery is believed to be a spiritual activity, like praying to God. From time immemorial, Belarusan people have used ancient symbols to embellish customary items like a roushnik (towel) and magical powers are associated with these embroideries creating a talisman. When a baby is born, close relatives prepare a talisman for the baby, with a special symbol called Khresbiny (the four-pointed rosette) meaning christening. Iryna placed this symbol in the very center of her design surrounded by a flower representing joy and best wishes for the newborn life. It is perfect for gifting it for a birth, christening, birthday or any other such customs. It can also be gifted as a token of good luck, embroidering it on many household items like a cushion, a towel, a table centerpiece etc. And feel free to use your favourite colours too. The project is stitched on 32ct red linen fabric and worked with DMC variegated threads. Includes instructions and charts. Finished Measures 7½” x 7½” [19 x 19cm]