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Sewing the Prêt-à-porter Portfolio
If you take your stitching projects with you where ever you go, you'll need to make this charming stitching case or portfolio to carry all your precious threads and tools. Nancy Devine
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Roll On Summer Trips Bag
This is brilliant pattern to hold your valuables when you travel. Designed to be a sleek bag, it can also work for your needlework accessories. Designed by Nancy Devine
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sewing accessories pouch
Is it a bowl? Is it a pouch? It can be both!
Ask anyone who sews or knits, there are always small, but vital tools of the trade that go missing under the couch, beneath the cushions, or they simply roll away, never to be seen again. This project aims to tidy and corral those little essentials in two ways, at home or on the go, it all depends on the finishing. Is it a bowl? Is it a pouch? It can be both! Designed by Nancy Devine Heaven is Hand Made [email protected]
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