Let Me Sock You Cloaked Berries
Purl stitches are placed just right to give the illusion of little berries on these sockes. A sock pattern you want to knit for the summer, and socks you want to wear in the winter to remind you of summer berries. Designed by Luigina Baratto
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Colosseum Socks
Inspired by the ruins of the Colosseum, and knit with intarsia colourwork technique. Designed by Luigina Baratto www.etsy.com/shop/nekinek [email protected]
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What’s in your Shower Curtain?
You'll be amazed at how much we can do with what we already have at home. It's magical to convert a shower curtain into a bag for the swimming pool adventure! Designed by Luigina Baratto www.etsy.com [email protected]
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