Always be a Butterfly Wall Hanging
‘Always be a butterfly’ is a great quote to have in your personal space. It replenishes the soul and urges to be awesome every day! Design size is 5” x 7¾” stitched on 28ct linen. Measurements given in other fabric counts. Designed by Jo Gatenby X’s & Oh’s RR 3 Tweed, Ontario K0K 3J0 613.478.5599
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Elemental Fractal Series – FIRE Part 3 of 4
For as long as she can remember, Jo Gatenby has been fascinated by fractals in nature. Inspired by this fascination, she has designed Fire, the third in a 4-part series of fractals in nature. Sample design measurements 11¼” x 11¼” [28.6 x 28.6cm]. Also includes instructions on how to frame the piece. Designed by Jo Gatenby X’s & Oh’s RR 3 Tweed, Ontario K0K 3J0 613.478.5599
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All You Need Is Less Wall Hanging
Using appliqué and simple running stitches, this stitched piece is quick to make. This piece was Olesya Lebedenko's response to the pandemic where needing less was inspired by living a quiet and simpler life. The design size is 7"x 8". Designed by Olesya Lebedenko [email protected] Instagram Facebook
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Words of Comfort Punchneedle Wall Hanging
Choosing one word to express her experience of the pandemic was impossible for Christine Baker, as she had many things in her life that kept her moving forward. In this punchneedle project she includes all the things that kept her grounded and brought her comfort. The design size is 6” x 8”. Designed by Christine Baker Fairfield Road Designs P.O Box 64 Brockville, ON K6V 5T7 613.342.1042
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Grace Rug
Deanne Fitzpatrick creates a rug with the word 'grace' on it as a gentle reminder to live life with grace in all things. Great rug hooking tutorial for beginners. Deanne Fitzpatrick Deanne Fitzpatrick Rug Hooking Studio 33 Church Street Amherst, Nova Scotia B4H 1W9
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Thank You Cowl
Knit a cowl to say “Thank you” to someone who has made your life better during the Covid experience. You can knit the entire cowl in the Farrow Rib stitch or personalize your expression of gratitude with a discreet motif adapted from traditional gansey and Danish nightshirt patterns. Give a gold star to recognize a good deed well done, as in the sample or choose one of the other charted motifs: a heart for love, an anchor to represent stability, a tree of life to symbolize the interconnectedness of all beings. Easy-care Adore from Universal Yarn is a round, bouncy, wool/acrylic blend with great stitch definition—the perfect choice for a design that relies on the textural difference between knit and purl stitches. Instructions include three sizes. Designed by Nancy Lekx [email protected]
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Simply Put Socks
This sock creation is the 11th in Lorraine Thompson's Thoughtful Soles Series with the words Be Kind, Be Nice. They were inspired by the pandemic and the search for a new normal. Lorraine’s sentiment on the socks is very simple expressing her deep gratitude for the many gestures of kindness and nice words that helped her to keep moving forward. Designed by Lorraine Thompson 905.885.0347
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Knitted Hot Water Bottle Cozy
What is cozier than a knitted hot water bottle cozy sporting an alphabet of words naming many kinds of knitting fibre favourites? Here’s another design by knitter extraordinaire Lorraine Thompson that involves colour-stranding and is worked in the round. This pattern could be adapted to make a knitting bag too using a larger needle to make the bag roomier. Line it with muslin and make a longer draw string. Designed by Lorraine Thompson 905.885.0347
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The concept and importance of RESILIENCE
In this detailed tutorial, Ana Buzzalino describes step-by-step how to use oil-based paint sticks to make an art quilt that reflects her experience of the pandemic. Her word is ‘resilience’. Instructions include step-by-step photos and useful tips. Ana Buzzalino Instagram: ana_buzzalino Facebook: anabuzzalino
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Give Thanks Table Runner
Quilter Elaine Theriault stitched out her expression of gratitiude from an embroidery file she designed in the mySewnet Embroidery Software, a software with over 246 fonts and the ability to create additional fonts. Elaine then played with the shape of the word ‘thanks’ and created a mirrored motif rather than have the word stand out by itself. What’s not to love about the subtle look! Designed by Elaine Theriault
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Family and Friends Quilt
Family and friends are what comes first for Paul Léger, and some friends can be more like family, hence the banner. Family is also represented in Braille in this banner. Designed by Paul Léger
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Teach Peace Flower Power Quilt
A beloved symbol stands the test of time and is now more relevant than ever before. Inspired by living a peaceful life as a desired state of mind, Clodagh Coker of The Quilt Store created this stunning flower power quilt as a token to remember to always choose peace in our hearts, daily life, and in all relationships.The quilt measures 51" x 58". Designed by Clodagh Coker The Quilt Store 17817 Leslie Street, Unit 40 Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8C6 905.853.7001
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Live a Life Quilt
Blind contouring is a very liberating form of quilting for those who wish to express themselves through the art of quilting. It's a way of soothing emotions and the soul. Quilting artist Tania Denyer expresses what Covid brought into the light for her, bringing a better understanding and acceptance of herself. Includes instructions for the process of making your own design, threads, and fabric used. Designed by Tania Denyer Instagram: tania.creates
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Words of Gratitude and Wisdom Tree Subway Art
Words of gratitude and wisdom are machine embroidered on canvas in this heartwarming portrait of a tree using ribbon embroidery, the mySewnet App, and theHUSQVARNA® VIKING® DESIGNER EPIC™ 2. Detailed instructions and photos make it a breeze to follow every step of the machine embroidery process. Designed by Betty Biberdorf Product & Event Specialist Educator Event & Sewing Specialist Coordinator PFAFF® and HUSQVARNA VIKING® Sewing Machines SVP Canada Inc. [email protected]
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Puzzle of Time Quilt
Cathy McClean creates a memory quilt that reflects her experience during the pandemic. A time for replacing daily routine with a new way of life inspired her to keep what was most important. Working with Gütermann Threads, Odif 404, 505 sprays, HeatnBond, UNIQUE quilting Template Plastic, lend a helping hand. Designed by Cathy McLean Product Specialist
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Beautiful Quilt Journal
The beauty of the Beautiful Quilt Journal is that there are many ways to make it! Make this quilted fibre art project your own by using words that are meaningful to you, piecing the backdrop with your favourite scraps, and adding the amount of metallic threads you desire. This pattern includes the article Get Your Metal On! 7 Tips for Using Metallic Threads, with step by step instruction photos. Designed by Heather McArthur [email protected]
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