Vintage Stitches Tunic Pattern
Vintage Stitches Tunic
A modern take on a 1969 vintage tunic. Originally from Coats & Clark's Fashion First, this tunic is ever so lovely in the Red Heart Unforgettable yarn. Designed by Tammy Hildebrand
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Pulled Thread Pastries Part 3 Pattern
Pulled Thread Pastries Part 3
This is Part 3 of the Pulled Thread Pastries. This series is about introducing you and getting a good feel of what pulled thread embroidery is all about. The whole series focuses on the basic and essential pulled thread stitches reviewing in detail three in each of the four parts. In Part 3 Kim Beamish gives instructions with charts and photos of the steps involved in executing the Diagonal Cross Filling, Framed Cross Filling, and Mock Faggot Filling. Designed by Kim Beamish [email protected]
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Diamond Petals Pattern
Diamond Petals
Inspired by costume designers Michele Carraghere and Gillian Conahan, Judith explains her way of making dragon scales. Full instructions, graph and examples included and references for further explorations. Then, your imagination can be limitless! Designed by Judith Marquis Amberlane & Amberpetites
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Starry Sky Bag Pattern
Starry Sky Bag
Swedish weaving instruction par excellence, Christine Allan, uses upholstery fabrics for weaving purposes. This, in light of the Monk's Cloth shortage. See what she has to say about working with upholstery fabrics, and make this lovely bag. Designed by Christine Allan Christine’s Swedish Weaving
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Serendipity Colour Play Cushion Cover Pattern
Serendipity Colour Play Cushion Cover
Sometimes leftover yarn and fabric can create an outstanding, beautiful piece of embroidery. Such is the case with this project, as Iryna pulls together a stash of leftover yarn to create a cushion cover. She encourages you not to follow her colourway, but to look at your stash of leftover yarn to create a unique piece. Includes full charts and instructions for this mesmerizing design. Designed by Iryna Varabei Spirit of Belarus
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Party Favors Pattern
Party Favours
How adorable are these? They made from fine Hardanger work and leftover plastic spools from a ball of DMC pearl cotton! And you can stuff them with goodies for your next party! Full instructions and charts. Designed by Betty Stokoe Hardanger House 4708 52 Street Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L0 403.742.2749 [email protected]
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Hat & Mitt Set for Baby Pattern
Hat & Mitt Set for Baby
The little ones grow up so fast they hardly wear out there cute sweaters. See how to transform a favourite baby sweater into this even more adorable hat and mitten set for a toddler. Can't get any cuter! Designed by Joanne Gatenby
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Knit Cuff Bracelet Pattern
Knit Cuff Bracelet
Full instructions for how to repurpose a favorite cabled sweater you can't seem to let go. Also included in the instructions is how to make a dorset button. Photos and diagrams. Designed by Joanne Gatenby
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Paper Tube Bracelet Pattern
Paper Tube Bracelet
Full instructions on how to make a bracelet out of a tape tube and finished with cross stitch and beading. Designed by Joanne Gatenby
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Spring Posy Thrifted Candy Dish Topper Pattern
Spring Posy Thrifted Candy Dish Topper
Rejuvinate a cherished candy dish into a stylish pin cushion you'll love forever by cross stitching this lovely pattern. If you don't have a cherished candy dish, check out the thrift stores. Designed by Patty Brake [email protected]
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Thoughtful Sole Series - Wool Stew Socks Pattern
Thoughtful Sole Series – Wool Stew Socks
What do you do when your refrigerator is crowded with little dishes of leftovers? Make a hearty stew for supper. What do you do when your yarn basket is overflowing with little balls of leftover wool? Knit socks. Problem solved! I knit these socks with a variety of leftovers and I added a generous garnish of buttons. Designed by Lorraine Thompson 905.885.0347
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Windswept Wrap Pattern
Windswept Wrap
The waves of the ocean remind me of a stitch pattern knitters know, Feather and Fan. The gentle breeze on the face, So tranquil and peaceful. Memories of the past, Moments of the future, Let's embrace some styles from the past. I remember pictures of ladies in convertible cars with light scarves that fluttered over their hair to not get their hair blown by the wind... Designed by Jacqueline Grice Ravelry: Knitswiss
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The Sweater Vest
The Sweater Vest
Denise Powell usually has a knitting pattern, but in this issue she shows you how she transformed an old favourite Aran sweater she knit 30 years ago into a vest! In this article she also explains how she achieved the ombre effect when she dyed it in a denim blue. Super! A sweater you can keep loving to wear... Designed by Denise Powell [email protected] Ravelry: DoctorKnit
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Reduce – Reuse – Recycle Quilt Pattern
Reduce – Reuse – Recycle Quilt
An article that shows you how to reuse shirt fabrics to make up a quilt. Using leftover batting and buttons for quilting. An inexpensive quilt and saving shirts from the landfill. Designed by Paul Leger
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Vintage Runner Pattern
Vintage Runner
Made with repurposing in mind, Colleen takes this piece of barkcloth, saved for some time now, and turns it into a vintage runner. Using HSTs, and lots of fun! Designed by Colleen MacMahon Northwind designs [email protected] Instagram: blackruby_d
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An old jersey becomes a new cushion! Pattern
An old jersey becomes a new cushion!
Repurposing a jersey is a fantastic way to remember great sport moments in a child's life and decorate his or her room! So easy to make following these simple steps. Designed by Chris Curran That Sewing Place 16610 Bayview Ave # 10 Newmarket, ON L3X 1X3 905.715.7725 Facebook: TSPNewmarket
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Thread and Fibre Art Pattern
Thread and Fibre Art
It's such a pity to throw out scraps of thread, especially when we love those the threads to quilt and sew. In this feature are the instructions on how to repurpose them to make a runner and bowl as keepsakes. Designed by Clodagh Coker The Quilt Store 17817 Leslie Street, Unit 40 Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8C6 905.853.7001
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The Wool Bucket Pattern
The Wool Bucket
This is typical of fabric kept from days gone by and cherished, pulled out of a stash to couple with modern quilting fabric! The marriage is exquisite! Here's a fabulous idea for a bucket to store your favourite things. Designed by Elaine Theriault
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Summer Sampler 2019 Pattern
Summer Sampler 2019
Can you smell the freshly cut grass? I can just looking at Jean's summer sampler! But besides the vibrant colour, this is a great quilt to make to bust your fabric stash and a great sampling of quilt blocks. Schematics included. Designed by Jean Boyd
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The Suede Tote Bag Pattern
The Suede Tote Bag
This is an extraordinary way to make the perfect craft bag! It's large and it's strong, but oh so stylish! Using upholstery fabric and a suede jacket, see how to make it. Also included are tips for what to look for when searching for suede and other fabrics in thrift store to maximize the project! Designed by Lynn Swanson Brother Educator Western Canada
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Second Hand Rose Table Runner Pattern
Second Hand Rose Table Runner
Repurposing shantang silk can turn into an exquisite experience. Piecing it and machine embroidering it using PFAFF performance icon can turn an ordinary runner into a piece of beauty. Find out what settings to use on the performance icon to make it happen. Also included are cutting and piecing details. Designed by Kerrin Brookes Freelance Educator and Sewing Specialist SVP Canada Inc. Seams Sew Special
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Chenille Shawl Pattern
Chenille Shawl
Excellent tutorial on how to make chenille fabric. Using the Olfa Chenille Cutter, follow along to make a shawl. Step by step photos. Designed by Cathy McLean
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