Chalet Wrap
The Chalet Wrap was conceived to work up in little time. Offering a bit of interest by the patterned eyelets and the way it's constructed. It can double up as a warm lap blanket for those cooler autumn evenings. Designed by Jacqueline Grice The Yarn Store 17817 Leslie Street, Unit 40 Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8C6 905.853.7001
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Honeycomb Poncho
This is a simple pattern with just enough interest to make the knitting worthwhile. Designed by Cathy Payson, Red Heart
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As White as Snow Hardanger
White on white Hardanger work, quick enough to give as a hostess present. Designed by Kim Beamish [email protected]
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Auburn Splendor Photo
Auburn Splendor Brooch
An elegant rendition to the autumn season, glorifying the deep colours of autumn in beading. Designed by Craig Ewing
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Agathe Table Runner
This table runner can be made in so many colours, but here it is perfect for fall. Designed by Christine Allen
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Halloween Haunt Ornaments
Canvaswork that looks like candy just in time for Halloween. Designed by Carolyn Mitchell [email protected]
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Key Cushion
Beautiful surface embroidery with a delicate touch for any décor. Designed by Denise Powell [email protected]
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Bittersweet Berries Smocked Cushion
Part 3 of 4 smocked pillow tops exploring the art of smocking in different sizes while honoring the seasons. Designed by Judith Marquis Amberlane & Amberpetites
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Woodland Christmas Ornaments
Quick enough to make and pleasant to give. Designed by Joanne Gatenby [email protected]
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3 Santas: Short, Tall and Stout
Adorable ornaments to have hanging from the tree. Designed by Maria E. Gollek
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Harvest Time!
Harvest time celebration with this cross stitch piece. Designed by Maria Gollek
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Plum and Wine Shawl
Crochet shawl, quick to make up. Designed by Laura Gebhardt
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Date-Night Crochet Sweater
Designed by Tammy Hildebrand, Red Heart
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Dove Shell Hat and Scarf
Warm hat and scarf set made with beautiful yarn and crocheted motif. Designed by Corinne Freeman
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Anastasia Shell Shawl
Exploring yummy yarn while making the perfect shawl for fall. Designed by Corinne Freeman
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Colosseum Socks
Inspired by the ruins of the Colosseum, and knit with intarsia colourwork technique. Designed by Luigina Baratto [email protected]
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Sweetheart Entrelac Cowl
Entrelac in the round is one of the many ways to knit a cowl. Designed by Michele Cheong [email protected]
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Date-Night Knit Sweater
This is a simple pattern with just enough interest to make the knitting worthwhile. Designed by Cathy Payson
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Crystal Lattice Shawl
Knit up this spectacular shawl, perfect for every season. Designed by Denise Powell [email protected]
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3D Harvest Fibre Art
Truly a case of playing with threads and embellishment to create a 3D project for fall. Designed by Donna Housley
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Give Thanks Banner
The first in the series of 4 banners to celebrate the seasons using fibre art techniques and embellisments. Designed by Cheryl Stranges
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Autumn Colours
The last in a series of 4 quilted mug rugs one for each season. Use it as a quilted postcard too. Designed by Jennifer Houlden
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Autumn Braid Quilt
A brilliant quilt made up of wedge-like pieces to create a stunning autumn quilt. Designed by Christine Baker 613.342.1042
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The Revamped 9-Patch Quilt!
This patchwork is easy and effective, make it using more colours and see the magic take place! Designed by The Quilt Store 905.853.7001
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