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A Piece of My Heart Ornaments

A Piece of My Heart

I love paper-piecing. So, when I started to design A Piece of My Heart, I knew that paperpiecing was the technique that I would feature in the design. I also wanted a project suitable to any occasion; an ornament that was appropriate for any season. Stitching time with my Brother Dreamweaver XE made this project […]

Quilted Birdhouse Ornament

Quilted Star Birdhouse

I have a good friend who creates dozens of wonderful ornaments every year for family and friends, and for the past couple of years she has used my designs – one year creating delightful little 3D snowmen; another year gorgeous top hat ornaments… so when she said “What are you designing for me this year”, […]

Christmas Arched Window

Christmas Arched Window

Inspired by a photograph taken during a visit to the island of Iona, Scotland, this window design is reminiscent of windows found in churches and cathedrals all over the world. This vignette provides an evocative pattern reminiscent of the holiest of Christian nights and the wonder of nature found in the lines of the setting […]

Canadian Tartan Nutcracker

Canadian Tartan Nutcracker

Nutcrackers are a quintessential symbol of Christmas, and why not stitch one resplendent in this interpretation of Canada’s Maple Leaf tartan? The Maple Leaf Tartan was designed by David Weiser in 1964 and approved as an official symbol of Canada on March 9, 2011 by the Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official […]

Blue Jelly Bean Christmas

Blue Jelly Bean Christmas

A symbol of downtown St. John’s, Canada, colourful row housing affectionately called ‘Jelly Bean’ houses graces many downtown streets of the province’s capital. Completed as an on-trend pillow, this ornament would be at home in your bread bowl, bookshelf or add a length of jute to the top to act as an ornament for your […]

Yule Log Tote Christmas Ornament

Yule Log Tote Christmas

Christmas evokes nostalgic memories for many of us. This Yule Log Tote ornament may serve as a reminder of cold winter nights, sitting by the fireplace and ‘putting another log on the fire’ as the embers died down. Read more in our Issue 48. Download the PDF pattern now. Designed by Betty Stokoe Hardanger House […]

Belarusan Nizanka Snowflakes

Belarusan Nizanka Snowflakes

The ancient technique Nizanka was very common in Belarusan lands for making sacral embroidered items such as ‘roushniks’ which played an important role in old rituals and customs. There are two Nizanka stitching rules that meet sacral requirements. The work has no knots, as a knot is considered an obstruction for Good energy. Nizanka stitching […]

Gift Card Sweaters

Sweater Gift Card

When I sat down to create this project, I intended to miniaturize an existing pattern. I quickly realized that with sock weight yarn this would be a LOT of knitting, so in the interest of speed and a looming deadline, I opted for double knitting yarn. This pattern mimics the construction steps for a full-size […]

Fun with Pyramids

Fun with Pyramids Pattern

The stitches used in the samples are common, but the beauty of these little treasures is that it allows us to explore other stitches with quick gratification and very little risk. Make your own design, perhaps a little cottage, a miniature garden, or little fish, whatever it is – make it your own and have […]