Ruby Pearl Quilts

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Ruby Pearl Quilts

Just over two years ago, Ruby Pearl Quilts owner Joy Paolozza was quietly enjoying her semi-retirement. After closing the doors of The Olde Silver Thimble, her previous quilt shop in Whitby, she continued to teach classes from home and stay connected to the quilting community. Despite the tranquility of that arrangement, she missed the chaos and creative atmosphere of running a shop, “There’s always something going on. We run classes year-round, and with the clubs, events, and quilt shows throughout the year we get to meet some pretty amazing people. It’s very inspiring.”

Inspiration is the driving force behind Ruby Pearl Quilts. Joy incorporates her artistic vision and patterns into the shop through her independent design company called Lily La Designs, lovingly named after her oldest daughter.

Read more in our Spring 2016 issue.

Katie Paolozza

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