Starfish Joy Quilt Project Square

$ 9.99

During the pandemic, Laurie Russman was faced with a conundrum: SO much time to spend in her studio…so little inspiration as she spent days doom-scrolling the latest news on the ever-more-alarming pandemic. Her cousin, a fellow artist, suggested making something smaller to fill the days. This coincided with Laurie reading the book by Ingrid Fetell Lee, Joyful, which suggests that even in the toughest of times, we can celebrate those little joyful moments in everyday life.

She started creating a square a day… her stack of Joy Quilt Project squares now exceeds 70 and has become something of a fabric sketchbook, with some motifs re-appearing in much larger pieces.

In keeping with this issue’s nautical theme, this starfish square was inspired by a plastic starfish in her studio, a memento of the many live ones she remembers seeing while on her honeymoon.
Includes: material list, petal and leaf templates, instructions, and instruction photos. Finished Measurements 6” x 6” [15 x 15cm]