Spring Blooms Necklace
Spring Blooms Necklace
This is the perfect project to make for anyone wanting to delve into knitting in 3D. Small enough to get a good idea of what it's about and adorable enough to wear wishing for spring. Designed by Denise Powell [email protected] Ravelry: Doctor Knit
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Hooking an Iris Trivet
Learn how to make this trivet, or you can expand on the idea and make a full rug of irises. Designed by Trish Johnson Craft Guild [email protected]
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Polka Dot Dog
Punchneedle is one of the quickest forms of needlework. Like a miniature rug, you can start with this little dog and add more to the backdrop by drawing on your canvas and filling it in. Designed by Christine Baker www.fairfieldroaddesigns.com www.uppercanadaquiltworks.com 613.342.1042
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Beaded Iris-istible
Why use threads when you could create it with beads? Beads add light, and dimension to this elegant iris. Easy to work up. Designed by Brenda Franklin www.bfdesigns.on.ca
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Rosa Blanda
Learn all about shading with thread so your embroidery work will look life-like! Step by step instructions with great pictures to help you along. Designed by Carol Arsenault [email protected]
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Spring with Heart
An enchanting collection of every thing that reminds us of the spring season cross stitched in a beautiful ANPTmag heart. Designed by Maria Gollek www.marnicdesigns.com
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There is a Season
Celebrate the best of what every season has to offer in this charming and nostalgic cross stitched keepsake. Designed by Joanne Gatenby [email protected]
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Flower Mitt Scrubby
Crocheted into a mitt, Scrubby yarn is perfect for exfoliating the body. Super fast to work up too. Designed by Michele Wilcox, Red Heart www.redheart.com
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Friendship Blanket Shrug
Knitting the linen stitch is very meditative. Get the pattern for this wrap. This particular wrap was made with scraps of yarn collected over the years and knitted into this cool wrap. So easy to make! Designed by Jacqueline Grice www.ravelry.com/people/knitswiss
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It’s ‘Purse’-onal
Have you ever fallen in love with a printed fabric you'd like to make a purse of it? Here's your chance to make your own purse in your favorite fabric. Easy to follow instructions and step by step photos. Designed by Lucy Garvin
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Little Red Riding Hood Key Holder
The prettiest things are in the details of this cutest keyholder. So easy to make you'll want to make more than one. Mainly sewing with a little glue involved to help you out. Designed by Michele Cheong [email protected]
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Denim and Dots Quilt
This is the perfect pattern to make a quilt out of those jeans you're about to give away or you're tired of seeing in your closet. Pull them out, prep them according to our detailed instructions and turn it into a sturdy quilt that's great for picnics, or chilling around the house! Designed by Jackie White www.jabotquilt.blogspot.ca [email protected] www.twitter.com/jackiewhite121
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Joyful Blooms Quilt
A fascinating quilt using a lot of HSTs, detailed and easy to follow instructions. This is a quilt to to piece together and looks like you've spent ages making it. Designed by Sarah Vanderburgh www.sewjoycreations.com
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Quick and Easy Table Runner
If you ever want to make something for a friend or you need a gift for any occasion, this is the one you're looking for. Easy to make in a flash, and with little fabric necessary. Then make one for yourself while you're at it for any occasion! Designed by Christine Baker Fairfield Road Designs www.fairfieldroaddesigns.com www.uppercanadaquiltworks.com 613.342.1042
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Bed Scarf & Pillowcases Pattern - Spring 2016
Bed Scarf and Pillowcase
A bedscarf is charming at the foot of your bed, make it to suit your décor. See how it's done using the 10˚ wedge ruler, making it a fast and simple project in a couple of hours. Designed by Donna Housley & Cathy McLean
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Tea Time Set Pattern - Spring 2016
Tea Time Set
A great way to learn and get comfortable with machine embroidery is to start on a small project, like this adorable and useful teacozy, mug warmer and coasters. Designed by Cheryl Stranges Product & Event Specialist, Husqvarna Viking www.husqvarnaviking.com www.seecherylsew.blogspot.com
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Drunken Circles Lap Quilt Pattern - Spring 2016
Drunken Circles Lap Quilt
With this easily adaptable project, learn about machine embroidery and play with the drunken path motif. Very easily adaptable to larger or smaller size quilt. Designed by Doreen G. Teasdale Made by Judi Richardson Brampton Sew N Serge www.bramptonsewnserge.com 905.874.1564
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