Memories of Maine

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Memories of Maine

Memories of Maine full work

This is a landscape of a lighthouse in Maine. The photo was taken while working as a stern person on a lobster boat in Maine in the USA. A stern person’s job is to bait fish onto a long needle with an eye in it. The strings are then fed through the needle that holds the bait and the bait is pushed down the needle onto the thread that is attached to the trap creating an attractive dinner luring the lobsters into the lobster trap. I find it funny that even on a boat one might require sewing abilities; it’s truly amazing how often these sewing skills are required. Both countries are special to me but after all the years of living here in Canada I still miss these beautiful sceneries and have decided it’s time to do a series on them. This project will show you how to reproduce a picture into a quilted piece using my raw appliqué special technique using Steam-A-Seam. These same skills are offered as classes in my new fabric store.
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