Mountain Climb Sweater

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This beautifully cabled sweater conjures up the days spent climbing mountain tops in the Alps. Make it and wear it to keep you warm throughout the mid seasons. Read more in our Fall 2014 issue. Designed by Anna Stoklosa www.creative-design-art.com/creative-knitting

Bobbles Evening Bag

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We explored bobbles in the Summer and Fall 2011 issues of ANPT. Having practiced on single and double bobbles it’s time to take it one step further and play with different size bobbles to create a beautiful evening bag. Read … Continued

Art Deco Shawl

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This is a very practical small shawl with an Art Deco influence. The shape allows it to stay on your shoulders without pinning or tying. Wear it over a coat or alone as a decorative accent. Ideal for fall. Read … Continued

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