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Paper Tube Bracelet

Paper Tube Bracelet Pattern

Not long before ANPTmag suggested recycling as the theme for this issue, designer Jo Gatenby had been browsing the internet, collecting pictures and ideas for a guild project – including making jewelry from recycled items. Great minds think alike! Jo says, “I immediately pulled out my folder and began figuring out what I would do […]

Vintage Stitches Tunic

Vintage Stitches Tunic Pattern

In this repurposing issue, Red Heart looks back at a 1969 vintage crocheted tunic. Inspired by this, Tammy Hildebrand designed the Vintage Stitches Tunic using her approach to vintage stitches and the versatile Red Heart Unforgettable yarn. Read more in our Issue 50. Download the PDF pattern now. Designed by Tammy Hildebrand www.redheart.com

Thoughtful Sole Series – Wool Stew Socks

Thoughtful Sole Series - Wool Stew Socks Pattern

Sock 1 Problem, Sock 2 Solved! What do you do when your refrigerator is crowded with little dishes of leftovers? Make a hearty stew for supper. What do you do when your yarn basket is overflowing with little balls of leftover wool? Knit socks. Problem solved! I knit these socks with a variety of leftovers […]

Windswept Wrap

Windswept Wrap Pattern

The waves of the ocean remind me of a stitch pattern knitters know, Feather and Fan. The gentle breeze on the face, So tranquil and peaceful. Memories of the past, Moments of the future, Let’s embrace some styles from the past. I remember pictures of ladies in convertible cars with light scarves that fluttered over […]

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle Quilt

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle Quilt Pattern

Like all quilters, I’ve been told that I should only use good 100% quilting cotton fabrics. Do I always listen to what I’ve been told? Absolutely not. Neither should you. Although I typically use 100% cotton fabrics, I do from time to time use non-traditional fabrics for quilting such as shirts. On average I go […]

Vintage Runner

Vintage Runner Pattern

Growing up, I was fascinated by the colours, designs and textures of the many different fabrics that my grandmother and mother used in their sewing. As with many women of that era, making curtains, upholstery and slipcovers was a necessary task and barkcloth was often the fabric of choice. The story of barkcloth is a […]

An old jersey becomes a new cushion!

An old jersey becomes a new cushion! Pattern

My 10-year-old grandson plays for the Stouffville Clippers hockey team. He asked if I could make a cushion out of his old jersey. He had very specific requests about what should stay intact on the cushion. For example, he wanted his team logo and Canadian flag on the front of the cushion and his name […]

Thread and Fiber Art

Thread and Fibre Art Pattern

When I do embroidery or longarm quilting, I’m always sad to see the scrap threads in the thread catcher. It seems a waste to throw away such beautiful fibers, so I started collecting them. I’m often asked what I’ll do with them and while I had some ideas, I didn’t really have a plan. When […]