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Throat Chakra Mandala

Throat Chakra Mandala Quilted Cushion Cover

This design is my rendition of the Throat Chakra. I added a fuchsia coloured lotus flower at the center with golden thread to represent the wealth of knowledge that is contained in the ether from where one can receive inspiration or answers when in tuned with the higher self. It also has 16 rays of […]

The Stupendous Stitching Clutch Purse

The Stupendous Stitching Clutch Purse

One set of handles–many purses! Embellish the main panel of fabric as you wish–it’s a great opportunity to try out all your decorative stitches, decorative threads, new techniques, and cool sewing machine accessories, Thee Sttupeendouss Sttiittcchiing Clluttcch Purrssee especially cording/couching feet – or even your circular attachment! I used the Stupendous Stitching book by Carol […]

Sunburst Quilt

Sunburst Quilt

The traditional Dresden plate pattern seemed a perfect fit to design a quilt around the word Charka which means wheel or disk. The brilliant colors from Northcott’s Artisan Spirit Shimmer collection make the design pop. The blocks were appliqued by machine to speed up the sewing process. Read more in our Issue 47. Designed by […]

Finally Finding Yourself

Finally Finding Yourself Wallhanging

The theme of Finally Finding Yourself is expressed in this wallhanging by using a variety of fabrics, cotton, velvet, sheer etc., cut in different size circles. Shapes are cut out in the circles much like the paper snowflakes you probably made as a child. Just as no one snowflake is the same, every person is […]

Hawaiian Napkin

Hawaiian Napkin Basket P Cathy McClean 19.99 Foundation paper piecing is the star of this project, but Cathy McClean suggests a second option using machine embroidery. Full instructions show you how to make the basket too, which can be adapted to any room and décor and purpose! Diagrams and photos included. Flying Elephant Banner P Clodagh Coker 12.99 Here's your opportunity to be the designer of your fabric! Working with Inktense Pencils, this project shows you how to use Inktense to create your favourite images on prepared for dyeing fabric and colour it in. Great tips and how-to instructions. The banner is embellished with crystals and finished using free motion quilting. The Rainbow Within P Christine Baker 15.99 This tabletopper is easier to make than it looks. Clear cutting instructions, diagrams and photos will have you finished in 8 hours. Make it in your favourite colours to suit your décor for maximum impact! Finally Finding Yourself Wallhanging P Annette Janca Making this quilt, is a great visual for demonstrating the people in your life that have brought you numerous life experiences. Create it in the fabrics and shapes that best represent these influences for maximum effect. Sunburst Quilt P Elaine Theriault The Stupendous Stitching Clutch Purse P Sharon Fenlon It's liberating to play with decorative stitches, even better, make a remarkable clutch purse too! Throat Chakra Mandala Quilted Cushion Cover P Edith Choiniere 12.99 Explore, Express, Meditate. Explore the throat chakra in this meditative quilted project. Express your creativity in the free motion quilting and meditate on the wonder of self expression. Using applique and free motion to set your creativity free! Autumn Splendor Sampler P Donna Funnell ask JDF Donna lets the Sari Silk Ribbon shine in this little embroidered project while the embroirdered stitches do all the talking. She outlines the squared with beading giving it a rich look to the finished piece. Alternately you can expand on the idea and make it bigger and even making a quilt.

I first saw a basket like this in a restaurant in Hawaii. I now have a couple of varied sizes for my jewelry, dinner rolls and of course one for napkins. I made a personalized basket for my granddaughter using my hoop embroidery machine to create the base. Combining foundation paper piecing and new products […]

Flying Elephant

Flying Elephant Banner

In recent years, adult colouring books have become the rage offering several mental health benefits in addition to feeding our artistic passion. Just like meditation, colouring also allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus only on the moment, helping to alleviate free-floating anxiety. Colouring is an effective way for those […]