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Haus of Stitches Knitting Retreat

Haus of Stitches Knitting Retreat members

For the past 15 years Haus of Stitches has held a knitting retreat twice a year. The event attracts, beginners to experienced participants, from across Canada between the ages of 8 and 80+. The first retreat, created to bring knitters together in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, was held in the spring of 2000 at […]

White Opal Spring Brooch

White Opal Spring Brooch
[columns] [span6] [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns] When I review pictures of spring time, I see market carts filled with tulips, crocuses, daffodils, and other spring flowers. A picture of some of our own bulbs pushing through the snow inspired this design. Like our garden of purple tulips and crocuses peeking out of the snow, I decided on […]

Amour Body Pillow

Amour body pillow
[columns] [span4] [/span4][span8] [/span8][/columns] Spring brings lightness to the heart that has inspired poets and musicians for centuries and often the words involve love and desire. Who can forget Dean Martin singing “That’s amore!”? Quilt designer Lori Albertson taps into our connection between love and spring with her body pillow that will inspire a nesting […]

In the Loop – CreativFestival Catwalk Competition 2014

The Toronto Film School designer 2014 winners
[columns] [span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][/columns][columns][span6] [/span6] [span6] [/span6] [/columns] The challenge is issued to contestants one week prior to the event, during which only conceptual and design work can be prepared. The challenge is officially announced at the CreativFestival on the Friday at 11:00 on the Fashion Runway. Work is performed in show floor studios […]

Artist Profile – Laurena M. Green

[columns] [span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4] [span4] [/span4] [/columns] Legacy was created for and entered into the juried exhibition Threadworks 2010, a national competition of needle arts which tours Ontario galleries and museums for three years. Every entry submitted to the show was to interpret the theme of Trees. It was my first submission into a juried […]

Spring Fusion Greeting Cards

Swedish weaving is a relaxing needlework that is fun and fast to do. This unique surface embroidery and counted needlework (all in one) can be worked on a variety of fabrics, ranging from the traditional Monk’s Cloth (7ct) to Hardanger fabrics (22ct). All Swedish weaving patterns that were designed for the traditional Monk’s Cloth can […]

Lessons in Peyote

Peyote Stitch Napkin Ring

Special Feature : Beading Series – Part 1 of 3 Imagine learning to make beautiful beaded gifts or accessories in three easy lessons! It’s possible with the help of passionate teacher Diane Mugford. This Hatzic Lake, British Columbia, designer considers herself a teacher first and a designer second because what she designs tends to be […]

Spring Bliss Doll and Book Cover

Spring Bliss Dolls
[columns] [span4] [/span4][span8] [/span8][/columns] Special Feature : Embroidery Series – Part 1 of 3 Lucy Garvin and Sherry Del Rizzo have both appeared in A Needle Pulling Thread magazine on their own, Festive 2008 and Summer 2010 respectively. They imagined it would be a fun and creative for our readers if they joined forces to […]