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Artist Profile – Monika Kinner-Whalen

Monika Kinner Whalen
[columns] [span6]   [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns] I am a self taught fibre and embroidery artist in Saskatoon, and this is my love story. I was raised on the prairie by a landscape artist who couldn’t sew.  I have relatives whom I deeply admire because of their magical abilities to sew, quilt, and cross stitch. As a […]

Squaring Up Blocks

squaring up blocks 1
[columns] [span6] [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns] Elaine’s Tech Tips™ One of the most frustrating aspects of quilting is making a block and realizing that the block is either too large or too small. This is a result of one of three things: inaccurate cutting, lack of a scant and consistent ¼” seam allowance or poor pressing. While […]